Friday, December 19, 2008

Dinner of All Nations

This is what happens when you visit the supermarket right before dinner. I had already planned the tofu for dinner. It is "Breaded Tofu Picnic Slices" from a book called "The Urban Picnic" (not vegetarian or even vegan, so I was pleasantly surprised to see a vegan recipe.) It is tofu marinated in soy sauce, ketchup, and toasted sesame oil, then breaded in panko and sesame seeds. I needed some stuff from the store, and I saw the sushi, edamame salad, and cucmber salad and thought they would go well. Then I saw the plantains - they are the frozen Goya ones, and they are really good! I picked those up for the Carnivore. Then some spinach sauteed in garlic and olive oil, Italian style. (Funny, I have been making this for years, but the Carnivore recently declared his love for it after having it in a steak house.) So, a real mish mash, but a delicious one!

We are having a snowstorm today. There are only about 2 inches on the ground now, but we are expecting 6 inches. I tried to bring my daughter to school before, but turned around when I saw people spinning out on the hill near my house. So she will miss her holiday party. But hopefully the snow will make up for it! Hmmmmm, sounds like a soup and bread night!

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River said...

What a delicious plate-full of goodness!

Spinach just tastes better if it's from a steak house, right? :P

Enjoy the snow! Definitely time for soup and bread!