Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bad Santa!

In the beginning, Santa seems like a good idea. After all, most of us have fond memories of him. He's happy and jolly and brings presents. And when your kids are babies, it's so cute to have pictures of them on Santa's lap (that is, before they are old enough to be afraid of him). Then, you realize you have to tell lies for 10+ years. You begin to use him as a threat (as in "I sure hope Santa doesn't hear you talking to your sister like that!") And the questions - "Why can't Santa bring the WII? Isn't he magic?" (Because Santa's profit sharing is worth half what it was a year ago). And "Why do we have to bring toys to the poor children? Doesn't Santa bring them anything?" (Still don't have a good answer for that one.)

Sorry for the bah humbug. Mostly I like the holidays. Here is the best part:

(They are sitting in the sled from the movie "Elf" - for some reason it appears at our local fire department every year.)
Happy holidays, everyone!

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River said...

Aww, your kids are so adorable! Hopefully all the Santa questioning will end right after Christmas!