Monday, August 22, 2011

A New Book!

I was so excited to receive the new book, "Peas and Thank You," by Sarah Matheny. I follow her blog every day, and it is my favorite not only because of the great food, but the hilarious stories and great pictures of her family. My own girls are not much older than Sarah's (aka Momma Pea), so I can relate to all the things she is going through as a mom to two young girls.

The day the book came was a gorgeous sunny day. I was sitting on the deck reading it when my husband came home. "Why are your eyes all black?" he wanted to know. It seems that I had been laughing so hard at the stories in the book that my mascara was running down my face. "But it's a cookbook," he said incredulously. And then some!

I tried the salsa recipe and the black bean burgers recently. Both were delicious and easy to make.

The salsa is made from canned fire roasted tomatoes, with fresh onion, cilantro and lime juice. A great short cut for a fantastic tasting salsa.

Here are the black bean burgers cooking in the skillet......

.....and plated up with all the fixin's. They were juicy and delicious.

What I like about this book is that the recipes are very accessible. They don't have long ingredient lists, and don't require a trip to the specialty foods store for exotic ingredients. I have tons of cookbooks that I don't use, but I think this one will be a staple in my kitchen. Go get it!