Thursday, December 4, 2008

Beanballs and Spaghetti

Here are the beanballs from VCON. I am probably the last to try them. They are pretty good. Nice flavor. Beanballs always have a kind of strange texture to me, but that is me, not the recipe! I fried them instead of baking because I love that olive oil goodness. They were tasty on a big pile of spaghetti. Yay, carbs!


snugglebunny said...

Ironically, these are one of the first things I made out of VCON, but I was trying to introduce my fiance to a "Meatball" Grinder. He liked the Beanballs, but not the Grinder concept. Oh, well.

River said...

YAY carbs!! The beanballs look super yummy! Now you've made me so hungry!