Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I've Got 'em!

Way back when, I saw a post about butterscotch fudge brownies over at Vegan Dad. I have wanted to make them for so long, but couldn't find any vegan butterscotch chips, even on the internet. Someone had blogged that Price Chopper brand chips were vegan. Price Chopper is a regional supermarket here in the northeast. We don't have any on Long Island, but they have them upstate NY. So I was excited that I would be able to get the chips when we went to Lake George in the summer. Well, the Price Chopper in Lake George is about 5 square feet, and they carry only the basics (why are butterscotch chips not considered basic?) So no chips this summer.

Anyway, this past weekend the Carnivore and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with a quick trip to Boston (why, yes, I was a child bride.) On the way home, we stopped for breakfast, and there was a Price Chopper in the same lot! Yay, I scored 5 bags of vegan butterscotch chips! (They are still full of crappy ingredients, but no milk.) I will let you know when I try the brownies.

Boston is a lovely city. I have not been there in many years. We had lots of fun doing touristy things. Our hotel was beautiful but far from everything - we figure we walked about 15 miles in those 2 days! The kids had fun with their cousins and aunt and uncle. How much does my sister-in-law rock? She not only takes on my three kids but sends them home with clean laundry!

Not much to write about food-wise. I should have asked for recommendations before we went!

This pizza place was recommended to us by a friend who grew up in Boston. Look at the line out the door! Apparantly there is always a line regardless of the time of day or night. I had a pizza loaded with veggies that was pretty good, but not worth waiting in line for. The Carnivore had the regular pizza. Not to offend, but I will be an egocentric New Yorker and say the best pizza is right here at home. I have tried many cities, and it is just not as good.

This is what I looked like after walking 10 miles with the Carnivore. He walks so fast that I basically have to jog to keep up. I actually had shin splints after that first night.......

And here is the happy couple on the big day...........

This dinner was the night before we left - it's called use up all the produce in the fridge that won't last until we get back. Collards with onion and tomato, rice, eggplant with miso sherry veganaise glaze, cukes, tofu with tomatillo sauce. Why eat out - the food is so much better at home!


River said...

YAY! Happy belated anniversary! You two look so happy in that picture! You should make your rockin' sister in law some butterscotch fudge brownies! :)

theliberalvegan said...

Happy Anniversary! I am so forking jealous that you found vegan butterscotch chips! Even the sound of those brownies has me drolling.