Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another Dinner From the Freezer

Please excuse another post about convenience foods, but Trader Joe's once again came to my rescue. They have a penne arrabiata that is so good. Straight from the freezer! You don't even have to cook the pasta - just open the bag and heat. A little sauteed corn and zucchini on the side and you have dinner in 10 minutes! (Now if only they could take the milk out of my favorite chocolate raspberry sticks.)


twoveganboys said...

This looks great. We will be eating out of the freezer for the next two weeks. And thank you so much for the kind words and well wishes.

River said...

I wish we had a TJ's nearby! That pasta sounds great for a quick meal!

Susan said...

I love this pasta! Even my kids like it, much to my surprise. I am wearing that girl down--she is getting to like more and more things with flavor and spice.

I hear you on the convenience of Trader Joe's, too. As convenience foods go, they are pretty healthy, and they keep us from starving on busy nights. I love that place.