Monday, March 2, 2009

Of Snowstorms and Springtime..........

Check out this snowfall on March 2..........(and it hasn't stopped snowing yet!)

Meanwhile, last week when we visited North Carolina, the trees were flowering already! I thought by the time we got back, it would be spring here. In fact we did have a 65 degree day this week, only to have a foot of snow today. I do remember when we lived in Chicago that we had snow on May 7th!

Anyway, through the miracle of agriculture, we can have spring food even though it is not yet spring. This is my favorite way to prepare asparagus, copied from a restaurant long ago. It is poached, chilled, and has a sauce of lemony mayo with capers (I use the orginal Veganaise with the blue label).

My daughter requested scones for breakfast yesterday. These are chocolate chip (of course) and dried tart cherry. I didn't have any cherry jucie to make the glaze, so I flavored it with a touch of almond extract. They were delicious!


Anonymous said...

Susan, when I lived in Michigan we had snow in June, yes June, one year I cannot remember exactly when but about 1993-95. Maria

Anonymous said...

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