Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Good Day For Soup

Since we were snowbound again yesterday, it was a good day to make bread the old-fashioned way (by hand - no bread machine)! This is my favorite french bread. It is made with a sponge - sort of a starter like with sour dough, but made fresh every time. It is supposed to sit for 12 -24 hours, but mine only sat for four, and it still added a lot of flavor. There is also a small amount of rye flour, which also adds flavor. The crust on this bread is awesome and perfectly crunchy. I often bring it when I am a guest somewhere, because everyone is always surprised and delighted with homemade bread.

Of course you must have soup to go with the bread. This one is an unusual potato soup from Moosewood's Daily Special cookbook. It is Oaxacan Potato Soup. The unusual ingredients are mustard, green olives, and pickled jalapenos. In fact, it is even good without the olives and jalapenos - the mustard adds a perfect little kick. I tried to pass it off as mashed potato soup with peas and carrots, but still only one kid would eat it! Oh well, more for lunch today.

The star of the meal was this salad, also from the Moosewood book. Avocado, cherry tomato, and orange bell pepper in a dressing of lime juice, orange juice, olive oil, dried basil, and garlic. So simple, but so delicious. I ate three helpings (well, you can't really have leftover avocados or they will spoil, right???)


twoveganboys said...

Yum! The soup looks delicious. I am posting a cabbage soup on my blog today. So, check it out. I remember you said you love cabbage. And the bread looks tasty. The bread machine in our household is me.

twoveganboys said...

The lemon scone recipe I made comes from VWAV. I took the orange scone recipe and just subbed lemon in it and added a tablespoon of poppyseeds. It turned out great.

River said...

Bread and soup are my favorite! Your bread looks seriously good, I would be all over that thing! The soup and salad are gorgeous!

Thank you so much for your birthday and get well wishes, Susan! I've been trying to slowly make my way back to Blogland :)