Friday, August 1, 2008

Crunchy Sweet and Sour Salad

Here is an awesome salad, courtesy of Krys at Two Vegan Boys. I used different veggies in mine, but the dressing is straight from the recipe and it is fabulous. I used cabbage, carrots, beets and baby bok choy as the veggies. I have never had raw beets before - they are a little "earthy" on their own, but were really good mixed with the other veggies and the strong dressing. And they look so pretty! If you are serving to guests, toss the dressing with the cabbage first to marinate a while, then lay out the other veggies separately and toss at the last minute, because everything turns pink! Also, I had never had bok choy raw, but a friend made it once in a salad with lots of nuts and toasted ramen noodles and a sweet dressing, and that was also really good, so I thought I'd try it here. Another good way to eat those dark leafies!

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twoveganboys said...

Glad you liked the recipe. The dressing is awesome. I have roasted beets and put them in salad. They are quite tastey. Hope you have a terrific weekend.