Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another Tomato Salad

Can we ever get enough of them? This one is from July's Food & Wine. It is tomato chunks in a vinagrette of lemon juice, umeboshi vinegar, sesame oil, and mirin. The combination of lemon and umeboshi is different and outstanding. After the tomatoes marinate a while, you serve them with a sauce of mayonnaise, miso, toasted ground sesame seeds, and mirin.

This reminds of of another recipe I learned from the chef at Blue Heaven restaurant in Key West. This is a really cool place in an old bordello. Most of the seating is outside in a dirt yard, where roosters run freely, and there is a rope swing near the bar (used more by adults than children!) They have a great menu loved by both the Carnivore and me. Anyway, once I had an eggplant dish there made like this: cut eggplant into wedges (skin on), brush with oil and roast until nearly done. Add a glaze made with equal parts of mayo and white miso, thinned by a little white wine (I use cream sherry). Bake a little longer until glaze is set. Yum!

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