Thursday, September 16, 2010

"America's Hottest Diet"

"Lose 8 pounds this weekend and get healthy fast!"

This was the headline on one of those women's magazines at the grocery store checkout. You know, the ones that profile a different "hot" diet in every issue? Guess what the hottest diet is? A vegan diet! Ha!

I must admit I do have a fascination with diet books, even though most have lots of recipes for chicken. How do people eat so much chicken, anyway (I mean those people who are not opposed to eating chicken)?

I like the new book "The Carb Lovers Diet." The premise is to eat a "carbohydrate star" (bananas, beans, brown rice, rye bread) at every meal. That fills you up so you don't have hunger pangs. Of course, there is also calorie restriction. I was a little skeptical at the recipe that used a 1/2 cup of pasta (uncooked) to serve 2 people. But surprisingly, we were stuffed after this meal, because there were so many veggies and tofu (of course chicken in the original!) in it. And it tasted good. This book is full of good suggestions for meals that are low cal and filling. They are easy to convert to veggie/vegan.

Here is an example from the book: beans with pasta and pesto.

These sesame noodles are from the book "Eating Clean" by Tosca Reno. They were just delicious and really easy to make.

Now, why don't I lose weight?


The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Those meals look really satisfying.

Jacklyn said...

So true! I am glad someone is promoting a diet that is actually true.

blessedmama said...

Woo Hoo, great! I love the idea of getting permission to eat carbs at every meal. Now, if only I could lose weight by eating as MUCH as I wanted to. Your dishes look nice and filling.

health products said...

This is what we are looking for, a true information and not a made up stories just to sell their magazines. This is healthy that even teens can try.