Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Veggie Mom's Favorite Phrase

What is the phrase a veggie mom wants to hear most from her children? "More tofu, please!" (Well, maybe "more kale, please," but this is darn close.)

This tofu is from the Grit cookbook (highly recommended!), and is based on the holy triune of olive oil, tamari, and nooch. I left gravy off some so you can see how nice and brown it gets, even in a non-stick pan. The nooch and tamari form a sort of breading. The gravy is also from the Grit. It's my favorite - really creamy and flavorful. It has worcestershire in it - I add extra, because that's the best part!

The salad is an oldie but goodie from "The Occasional Vegetarian" by Karen Lee (yes, I know I am dating myself). Despite the title it is all vegetarian (but not vegan). I often use this book when omnis are visiting -everything is delicious and non-threatening. The salad is blanched asparagus, raw shredded carrot and scallion, in a dressing of tahini, lemon juice, and mustard. Really delicious.

I baked these cookies for my daughter to take to a Valentine's party. They are from the Vegetarian Times website, and are vegan. I subbed lemon extract for the almond, which was nice with the rasberry jam.

Did you know that cilantro has flowers? I had never seen that before this extra fresh bunch!


River said...

What an awesome meal! I love cubed tofu, and it looks so brown and crispy!

Your cookies are lovely! I bet they were a total hit at the party!

twoveganboys said...

Yes, that is a favorite phrase. That is neat, I didn't know cilantro had flowers. Pretty cool.