Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Heard at the Dinner Table..............

This from my nine-year-old........ "Wow, all of a sudden I really like mushrooms and squash. It must be puberty." WTF? I am not ready for that conversation!
The squash in question is how my mom used to prepare it - with buttah and brown sugar. What's not to like? The tofu is made with a tomato garlic glaze. Sounds better than it was - basically an Italian style marinated tofu. It was okay, but the recipe needs tweaking. Perhaps more EB? Hmmmm, I remember once a recipe of carrots and scallions in a butter vinagrette. That would probably work well for the tofu. The potatoes are from Vegan YumYum. I think I didn't cook the potatoes enough and didn't use enough olive oil. These have lots of potential and I will definitely try them again. Plain steamed green beans - the kids like them that way and out them out of hand. I am trying to get green and orange on the plate every night!

This Red Pepper and Eggplant Spread from Trader Joe's is fabulous! It doesn't taste like eggplant, just pepper. We used it on paninis when we visited my friend last week. Also as dip for pita triangles. You could probably get the same effect by pureeing a jar of roasted peppers with garlic and basil - just in case you are not lucky enough to have TJ's by you!

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twoveganboys said...

Yum. The meal looks delicious. I wish we had a Trader Joes here. And puberty? Yikes! Too soon, too soon!