Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last Visit to My Favorite City (At Least For A While)

The day after Thanksgiving was 55 and sunny, so I thought it would be a good day to visit my favorite city for the last time before we move. Nothing specific to do, just visit our old house and favorite places in the neighborhood. I will miss it so much!

Winter sun and trees make a striking landscape. You can see the art museum behind the trees. The "wings" open up daily and have a 218 foot wingspan!

It seemed much colder here with the wind whipping off the lake!

Must climb trees! Hohn bridge in background.

Surfers in Lake Michigan in November!

St. Mary's and Water Tower. The old hospital on the right, with the new Columbia-St. Mary's behind it.

The pavilion at Bradford beach. This reminds me of the pavilions in South Beach, except they are not made of brick!

Looking north on Bradford Beach. No one wanted to walk with me. Look at those white caps!

We ate at the Comet Cafe on Farwell. Love this place - makes both me and the Carnivore happy. I had the seitan Philly steak with a vegan nacho cheese sauce. Why can't my seitan taste like that? No cardboard here. In the foreground is the mashed potatoes with beer gravy. Only in Milwaukee!

This was the only good thing at my Thanksgiving dinner. It is a cranberry marinated and pan fried tofu. For some reason none of the side dishes were good! Don't know why - I have made them all before.

Had these for dinner the other night. They are really tasty. No nasty soy after taste. Yes, I know they are processed, but I just don't always want to eat beans!


Molly said...

The wind definitely can get cold off the lake!

We just went to Comet a few weekends ago and I had the seitan philly, too (I posted about it, too!). :) Hopefully you get to visit again soon!

The Cooking Lady said...

We also try to avoid processed foods, but we like to use Nate's Mushroom meatballs. OMGosh, they are so good. Try them if you can find them.