Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On The Road Again....

Well, here we go again. After two years in Chicagoland, we are taking off for the Atlanta area! I have mixed feelings about this. My husband is really happy, so that is good. Kids are lukewarm, not so good. For me, I have been really happy here. It was easy to move here since I was already familiar with it and already had lots of friends here. I have never been to Atlanta and don't know anyone. So it will be a bit of a challenge. However - average temperature is 50 in January! And no snow to speak of. Today in Chicago it is a beautiful 68, and I can't help thinking it will be like that in March in Atlanta. And it's always exciting to try new restaurants, shopping, etc. But I will miss my friends, neighbors (who are also friends), yoga teacher, church, house dearly.

On to the food - more gluten free adventures. Here is a stew from the book Gluten Free Recipes for the Conscious Cook by Leslie Cerier. This book is really interesting to me because it focuses on whole foods and of course is vegetarian (mostly vegan). Most of the gluten free cookbooks focus on combining different flours and gums to approximate the wheat based cooking we are all used to (or they focus on meat). This stew had cabbage, tomatoes, parsnips, and other veggies in a peanut butter broth. Yummy.

The next recipe is from Carol Fenster's 125 Vegetarian Gluten Free Recipes. The burrito filling is made of marinated mushrooms, black beans, spinach, onions, etc. The sauce is green chile based and brothy.  Different than a green salsa. I liked it. This book is also mostly vegan, and references vegan products with dairy alternatives. I will be trying more recipes from these books in the future.

Well, now I will be cooking out of my pantry and freezer to try and empty them by the time we move. Isn't it amazing what accumulates in there? So my cooking will either be very boring or very creative!


blessedmama said...

Oh, good luck on the move! I admire you for putting out a post while getting ready to move. I am a put-down-my-roots kind of gal, so it would take something huge for me to move. By the way, I like the sound of a peanut butter broth - I'm going to play around with that idea. Both dishes looked yummy!

Molly ~Vegan Flower~ said...

Best of luck on the move! I'm jealous. It would be so nice to move to a warmer location.

The food all looks wonderful! The peanut butter broth sounds especially good to me, too.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Sounds like a big adventure. No moss on you!

Susan said...

Hey, I am trying out gluten-free, too, and actually had been meaning to come here and suggest it to you, but I forgot. I thought of you, though, because I was talking to a friend about how I thought I needed to cut out gluten because I thought it would help with my achy knee, and she said, Yeah, wheat affects my husband's gout. And I thought of you! I hope it is helping you.

Also, good luck with the move!