Thursday, October 20, 2011

Does It Count?

This is one of my favorite soups. It has onion and celery sauteed in Earth Balance, white beans, broth (Better Than Bouillon No Chicken), lemon and orange juices. An unusual combination for sure, but so good.

This tofu was (I think) from Better Homes and Gardens new cookbook. Can't remember exactly as I returned it to the library. The tofu was marinated in a sauce of mint and cilantro. After grilling it was amazingly juicy (can tofu be juicy?) and flavorful! I will have to get that book out again and write it down this time!

Here is the 40 clove chickpeas and broccoli from Appetite for Reduction. Good but the broccoli was overdone. The recipe calls for roasting first, then adding broth and cooking another 15 minutes. I think next time I will take the broccoli out before adding the broth. Why, yes, that is ketchup on my pasta!

Here is the new label on the Junior Mints box. As you can see, the gelatin has been removed, as a reader previously reported. How about that line "milk and egg may be present?" Guess that is just a CYA line for allergy sufferers. Does it count?


Millie said...

I have had to remove some foods from my shopping list because it said, it may contain eggs & milk. Talk about contamination.

I can't eat it because I am allergic to corn. But it sure sounds delicious.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Lots of excitement in this post! Junior Mints are vegan????? And also made by the Tootsie Company? Who knew?

Ketchup on Pasta? That's a first as well.