Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Stolen Sandwich

I was reading the blog "Good Good Things" yesterday and copied this sandwich for my dinner last night. Miso Teriyaki Seitan and Grilled Onions. Here are the components:

"Beef" strips (seitan) marinated in teriyaki and white miso, seared in a pan.

"Blue Cheese Dressing" from the Blooming Platter cookbook. This was one of the sample recipes in the Amazon "Search Inside This Book," and I couldn't wait to try this dressing. It is made with beer - what a great idea! It has tofu chunks in it- would have been fine without the tofu, just as a sauce. This was not in the original sandwich, but was a good addition.

Grilled onions.

Chipotle dill mayo.

Here is the awesome result.

Back shot so you can see the pretzel roll. I never heard of these before moving to the midwest, but the Carnivore says they had them in NY. They are delicious, but really high in sodium (1600 mg. for the roll. Of course, that roll was supposed to serve two, but in what universe?)

A lovely, salty, caloric meal.

I must confess, although they tasted good, I did not save the leftover beef strips. Not to be gross, but when I took them out of the package I had just come in from cleaning up my backyard from the dogs.  I just could not get past the appearance of those beef strips! Glad they were hidden in a big roll.


blessedmama said...

I have yet to find pretzel rolls! Are they in regular grocery stores or in Whole Foods? What's the brand? Also, I love the idea of marinating seitan. I am definitely going to give that step a try on mine.

Susan G said...

I got the pretzel rolls at Trader Joe's. Don't know the brand - but there was only one kind. I have never seen them anywhere else!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Shame on you for tossing those Beefless Strips! Sacriledge!!!!