Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Baby is Five!

I can't believe my youngest is five. Time really does go fast, doesn't it?

She wanted vanilla cake with chocolate frosting for her birthday. I made the vanilla cupcakes from VCTOTW, but baked it in a 9 inch round pan. As you can see, it did not rise very much. But it tasted okay, especially with the frosting! IS there anything chocolate frosting can't fix?

Can anyone point me to some basic cake recipes (vanilla, chocolate, white) that they enjoy? I always try to find some that use basic ingredients - sugar and canola oil as opposed to maple syrup and Earth Balance - to try and make the cost reasonable.
The Birthday Girl
Easter Girlies
Me and My Girls
Hope everyone had happy holidays!


twoveganboys said...

Happy Birthday to your baby girl. Your girls are so cute. And the one of all of you is so pretty.

Ricki said...

Happy Birthday to your adorable girl! The cake looks lovely--and CHOCOLATE--yeah!

Of course I'll suggest my own vanilla cake recipe--it uses sunflower oil (you could sub canola) and agave nectar--not quite as inexpensive as sugar, but not maple syrup, either. :)

Anonymous said...

Susan, the girls are totally adorable, Happy Birthday to your little one :)

I have tried so many vanilla cake recipes but the absolute best is from a cookbook I do not use much other than this recipe: How it all Vegan by T. Barnyard and S. Kramer. It is on page 147. Many times I double this recipe or take part of the dough and mix it with chocolate and make a marble cake. I do one thing different though that probably makes the difference. They ask for egg replacer which I bit it in a tiny hand held mixer (like for frothing milk) as if it was eggwhites, it actually looks like frothy eggwhites, and I add it at the end.
I can give you the recipe if you want, if you do not have the book. Their next recipe in the book is a lemon cake which is also amazing.
The egg replacer I use looks like flour it has potato starch etc. in it.

Best wishes. Maria

Susan G said...

Thank you, Ricki and Maria - I will definitely try out those recipes (I do have that book, Maria)!


aTxVegn said...

What a lovely bunch of ladies! Happy Birthday to your baby.