Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Have You Balanced Your Eggs Today?

Or rather on last Saturday. Those of you who live with non-vegans, as I do, may have some eggs lying around. On the spring solstice, you can stand them up on their ends and they will balance. This never fails to amuse my kids and anyone else who happens to be around. I think it only works within an hour (or maybe half hour) of the actual solstice.

This is a spicy grilled tempeh that I think may have come off the Whole Foods website. I had high hopes for this one because the marinade was so tasty. I think the tempeh bitterness was actually made even stronger by grilling on my cast iron grill pan. Anyone have any non-bitter tempeh recipes? I really wish I could like tempeh but I just don't! That grilled pineapple was good, though.


two vegan boys said...

Balancing eggs? I never knew this. Arthur tells me we don't eat eggs because it will make the baby chickens cry. He is so cute.

In answer to your question, popcorn tofu is tofu chunks battered and deep-fried. The local food co-op grocer created this recipe and it is heavenly. If I could recreate it, I would eat it everyday. Once you taste it, you are addicted.

Susan said...

Have you tried simmering the tempeh before cooking it? I simmer in a bit of water with some soy sauce, not quite enough to cover the tempeh, for about ten minutes before marinating it, and it takes the bitterness out every time for me. I love tempeh!