Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cawfee Tawk

This is the East Coast Coffee Cake from Vegan Brunch. I thought it only appropriate to present it with the proper accent. Yes, we really do tawk like this in New Yawk. I have had to lose my accent here in Chicago - they don't much like NY'ers here! This was pretty good, although I like my own crumb recipe better (see Thanksgiving post).

Of course I made the chocolate chip version.

I am trying to do my gluten free, sugar free, alcohol free, (fun free) diet again. A little too much celebrating over the holidays! This gluten free cereal is yummy. It is a blend of rice, corn, sorghum, and buckwheat. Perfect for these single digit temperatures we've been having!

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River - The Crafty Kook said...

Whenever I see something written in a New York accent I hear Fran Drescher's voice reading it in my mind! :-)

Your cake looks so tasty! I haven't made that recipe from Vegan Brunch yet but I love anything with a crumb topping.

Hang in there with the fun free diet!