Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year and a Product Review

Happy New Year! It has been two weeks of partying and having fun with my kids and hubby (he always takes off between Christmas and New Year, and the kids had two weeks off from school). Now we are back to the routine. It was nice to be off the schedule, and it's also nice to get back to reality.

I hope you don't mind a product review, since I have no good recipes to share today. I actually like to read other people's product reviews, because I have spent so much money on things that were terrible. So, it has to be really good for me to mention it here.

The product in question is Trader Joe's Mediterranean Hummus. I am not a fan of commerically prepared hummus. It always tastes off to me - too tangy, or just not fresh. Kind of like that lemon juice in the little plastic lemons. But this stuff is just about as good as homemade. It has the proper creaminess and great flavor. The other versions from Trader Joe's are not as good, although they're still better than other brands I've tried. I guess to me, hummus should not have basil or sun-dried tomatoes or horseradish or olives or any other stuff. Just straight up old fashioned chickpeas and tahini, lemon and garlic. Yum!

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Bird * said...

i heart trader joes