Thursday, July 7, 2011

Two Old Friends

My best friend from North Carolina and her daughter (who is the same age as my oldest) came to visit us last week. We had lots of fun staying up late, crafting and drinking lots of wine, shopping, and visiting tourist attractions. We went downtown and took the Chicago architecture boat tour, which I have never gone on. It was so fun - I love tours! We went to a Thai restaurant that I used to go to 20 years ago when I worked downtown. I can't believe it's still there. I almost cried when the spring rolls came out - they were exactly the same as way back then. I have never had better spring rolls anywhere. I had to order two entrees, because I'm not sure I'll ever get back there! I ordered the Pad Thai, and the green tofu curry. As you can see, I ate all the tofu in the curry before I snapped the picture (these are the leftovers)!

We drove up to Milwaukee one day - my favorite city in the whole world. I drove past my old house and the people were hanging out on the front porch. I went up to them and it turns out that they are the same people that bought the house from us 18 years ago. They actually took me inside and gave me a tour! Pretty nice of them to invite a total stranger into their home. 

I finally got to the Comet Cafe in Milwaukee. Although not a vegetarian restaurant, they have many vegetarian and vegan items on the menu (and they are on purpose, not accidental). It's kind of a hippie biker veggie cafe. Totally awesome. I had the vegan meatloaf (which was Field Roast) with beer gravy (it is Milwaukee, after all) and mashed potatoes with seared Brussels sprouts. Also the creamy broccoli soup. It's very refreshing to ask a waitress a question and have her response be about nutritional yeast. I took pictures, but don't seem to have a cord to connect my phone to the computer.

My poor little dogs got a summer hair cut. Despite our brushing them frequently, they had a lot of mats in their long hair and had to be shaved. They don't even look like my dogs! They shaved them too close and we actually had to take one to the vet. Poor babies - I hope it grows back soon. The only consolation is that they will be much cooler for summer - they do really hate the heat!