Monday, May 24, 2010

Taste Testing and Easy Tofu

This easy tofu is from Vegetarian Family Style - "Chinese BBQ Tofu." I loved it so much - with a big pile of American mashed potatoes! It is basically tofu sauteed in a mix of barbecue sauce and chili garlic sauce. Check out Debra's recipe!
These are the two BBQ sauces I had in my fridge. The Trader Joe's is very smoky, but has no high fructose corn syrup. The Sweet Baby Ray's was quite sweet, not smoky. It does have HFCS. But I prefer its flavor, and that is what I
used in the tofu

On the left is Sambal Olek, the one with the rooster on the jar. On the right is chili garlic sauce from my local Thai restaurant. Many years ago I used to eat in a Thai restaurant near where I worked downtown Chicago. It was called Dao. I don't think it's there anymore. Anyway, I really loved their Pad Thai. But what I was addicted to was the chili garlic sauce that they put on the table as a condiment. I used to spoon it onto my plate and eat it straight. Sweat would pour off my face. I couldn't taste the food. My digestive system would go haywire. But no matter, I could not get enough of the stuff. Years later, I found the stuff in the jar and was so excited. But it is not the same! It is much more salty, less sweet, and less vinegary. Maybe I could doctor it up to taste like my favorite? I don't know. But my local Thai restaurant was nice enough to give me some of theirs. I used it in the tofu and it was so delicious! Can not get any easier than this dinner.