Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

It has once again been too long since I have posted. I'm cooking and taking pictures, but haven't had time to post. Also, some of my offerings have not exactly been blogworthy! Thanks to all of you who publish so frequently and have such great looking food!

This was an attempt to replicate the meatloaf of my youth. I still cannot find a recipe I love. Not that I want it to be meat-like, but I don't want it to be mushy-beany, either! And no TVP. This one has my favorite tomato sauce (the plain 8 oz. can) topping and roasted potatoes (they were canned in my youth - and I still like those, too!)

I tried for a while to be gluten free again, which probably lasted for two meals. This is one - sliced avocado on corn tortillas with mayo and mustard. Yum!
This was a cornstarch - coated and fried tofu. Why doesn't it taste as good as at the Japanese restaurant?
There was something I wanted to tell you about this salad but I can't remember what!
Gobi Aloo from Urban Vegan's new book. Delish. Along with some plain old dal. Don't you love those split mung bean? So high in protein.
This was inspired by Urban Vegan's blog - I think it was halushki? It was a while ago. Anyway, sauteed cabbage and onions with noodles. I put mushrooms on mine, but it would have been better without.
Smiley face chocolate chip pancakes for the kiddos (big and little).

Why, yes, I am the only Detroit Lions fan in the whole world. We went to Detroit to see the game (vs. the Rams, who are the Carnivore's team). Of course the Lions lost (to the second most pitiful team in the NFL). But we had a good time. The kids were able to run on the field after the game. It was quite a thrill for me to actually walk on the Lion's field. Oh, for the glorius Barry Sanders days again!
My Thanksgiving will be omnivorous, so I will not have much to show you. I am planning on making the pumpkin pie from La Dolce Vegan - I'll let you know how it turns out. Maybe also the Butternut Squash and Orange soup from Nava's new (revamped) soup book.
Enjoy your holiday weekend!